Millay Vintage


There was a disconnect for Millay Vintage with their current brand identity and the target market they wanted to reach. Owner, Mary, looked to find a direction for the brand that would take them to the next level but would still incorporate a refined touch that has been embedded in the fiber of her online and brick and mortar store.

THE solution

Through our discovery and research process, Mary shared a handwritten ‘Millay’ she had created and we immediately moved to create an identity around the signature script. The outcome was something personal, feminine and refined, matching the quality and style the store has become known for.

from millay

“Ink + Mortar was able to boil down all my verbose descriptors of what my shop was in my eyes to a few powerful, distinct, focused words and images that totally hit the nail on the head.

Sharon has a super well-thought out and well communicated method of not only creating the visual touchstones of your brand but also directly articulates the basis of your brand to your audience. Further, she has an incredibly encouraging spirit about her —she truly gets to know you as a person and all the subtleties of your brand to make sure she can convey parts of your work that you don’t even realize are unique or special.

Finally, she lets you be involved in the creation — she doesn’t just go into a dark room and come out with a new logo, but walks you through an evolutionary process where there is a wonderful atmosphere of give-and-take, constructive feedback.

I could not have been happier with all that Ink + Mortar did to help take my shop to the next level!”

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