Gaia Conceptions


Gaia Conceptions had a huge online following, but they were having lots of issues growing with their current online platform. With customers having to sort through their selection of over 1500 customizable options, they looked to create a simpler, easier way to buy a custom Gaia piece.

THE solution

Through our discovery process, we found that there were too many layers for the customers to search through in the buying experience, so we opened up the shop area and simplified it to one sidebar, where customers can pick how they want to shop.

We created promotional boxes to fit between the product images, helping to remove the need for a landing page and assist the customer in getting right to the shopping experience.

With so many customizable options available, it was crucial to create a product page that was easy to understand and to create a visual for what the garment would look like. Because there are so many options available in creating a custom garment, we created clues for the customer on what the final garment would look like, without the ability to see that specific piece.

Finally, we took elements of the Gaia philosophy and infused them throughout the site. Using their block print patterns, a textured font style and small elements inspired by the organic materials, we created a clean, simplified platform for each garment to stand out.

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