Anya Lust


Krystle Kotara found a hole in the market and wanted to make a splash with her own bold, curated lingerie online. With a serious lack of non-caucasian models online and styles that satisfied the bold and adventurous female market, Krystle looked to create a platform for changing it.

THE solution

We found that a mix of soft, feminine details alongside a solid, bolder style would give Anya Lust a leg up on the competition. Putting her imagery at the forefront of the store was key, with large, powerful images and an easy user experience throughout the shop. 

We built an e-commerce storefront, creating a product page that offered additional pushes for items that would interest her customers, opportunities to connect and share and created a full circle experience for the customer.

Anya Lust created products to add to the lingerie experience, and released a run of inspired candles, so we designed labels to match the hand-drawn logo and bold style.   

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