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The Ink + Mortar method is one of a kind.
We cement the foundation for your entire brand through a series of steps that uncovers your unique lifestyle identity, and leaves you seeing your brand like never before.

We love work that lets us dig our creative heels into multiple areas of your brand experience, from designing packaging that your customers will want to frame on their wall to building a beautiful, streamlined e-commerce site that makes shopping a breeze.

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what we do

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Strategy & Discovery

first, we start every project by aligning on your business goals, from positioning, to marketing, to product innovation. we take a fresh look at your business and where you want it to go, then apply a clear strategy for how to get there.

Then, we jump into our one-of-kind discovery process. Brick by creative brick, we uncover your brand’s visual language and feeling, which will later unfold into the lifestyle experience for your customers. After thorough exploration of your company’s strategy, you’re left with a tangible Design Dossier that will become the cornerstone for your lifestyle brand and is key to helping your business grow.

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Brand Identity

Using our unique discovery process as our foundation, we start to create your brand’s unique look, beginning with your brand identity.

We further define your brand’s identity and presence through logo design, typography, imagery, and illustration. To build the story and extend the brand, we’ll oversee photoshoots, create stunning packaging designs for your product, or assist in creating a bold presence in your brick and mortar storefront. These core elements combine into inspired, endless possibilities and are applied to create an unforgettable lifestyle experience for your customers.

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E-commerce Design & Your Online Presence

Your online presence is essential for creating a robust brand experience.

We’ll set a digital strategy in place with a compelling design to match, help you choose the right platform for your e-commerce needs, then develop and test it so you’re clear for take-off. Down to the details, we create a cohesive online experience and unique connection for your customers that keeps them coming back.

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Brand Management

Now that your brand is freshly launched, we can help strengthen your brand engagement.

We’ll support you with creative marketing to build brand loyalty; develop your social media and integrate SEO strategy; provide quarterly art direction to steer you through post-launch milestones, such as seasonal or holiday campaigns.

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For us, the epitome of a lifestyle brand is its ability to inspire and motivate people in all areas of their life. Our ultimate goal is to see your lifestyle brand successfully grow.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your brand find its loyal, enthusiastic following, and it’s truly why we love what we do.

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