It’s here! I’m sharing the video from Wordcamp Philly 2015 about the top 10 things I wish I had done before quitting my day job. These steps helped me jump into freelance life and hopefully they will help you as well. And a big thank you to Andrew Gormley for filming me that day. I hope you enjoy!

before-you-quit-your-day-job-ink-and-mortarA big thanks to Wordcamp Philly for having me speak on Saturday! I had such a great time sharing my experiences in Before You Quit Your Day Job. What a great day. We filmed the talk so I look forward to sharing it soon. In the meantime, you can find links to the slides here, for your viewing pleasure.


I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be among the speakers this year for Wordcamp Philly! I’m sharing a talk called Before You Quit Your Day Job.

When I left my day job, I thought to myself  “I’ll have so much more time when I’m full-time to work on my business!” But it wasn’t the case. With clients knocking at my door and trying to grow the business, there were a slew of things I wish I had done before I left my steady paycheck to make the transition easier. I’ve gathered my top 10 things to work on before you quit your job to follow your design or development solo career.

You can pick up your tickets at I hope to see you there!

I had the pleasure of joining a panel of other Philadelphia designers to share what a day in the life is like for each of us at Girl Develop It Philly last week. What a great time!

It was fun for me to hear how other designers treat their day and because we all had different roles, we were able to share a big part of how we got there and where we’re headed. It was truly a great night!

I thought it’d be fun to share my slides and what a day in the life is like at Ink + Mortar. It varies daily based on meetings or deadlines, but overall this is how I work and find it easiest to get things done.







A big thank you to Suzie Nieman for putting the night together and asking me to be a part of it!

funders-roundtable-2014I big thank you to the Funders Roundtable for having me on their panel to speak about the importance of branding and social media in Non-Profits. It was such a great experience and to meet so many empowered Philadelphia Non-Profits was just fantastic!