Build a Brilliant Brand: an online course!


We couldn’t be more excited to announce

the Build a Brilliant Brand class
is coming online in January!

This 5 week course is a do-it-yourself version of the design process I use with my clients, giving you access to how to start with a vision and bring it life, under budget and in only 5 weeks. We will cover inspiration boards, typography, logo development, basic website setups and building content.

We’ll be sharing many more details leading up to the launch in January, so sign up for our BBB email list and we’ll keep you informed (and send some discounts your way!)

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  1. Shae

    So I found out about this and am so sad I can’t join this first session. From the site, I can see it’s going to be in-depth. Two questions: will you offer this course again? And as well does this course cover doing web graphics like masking+layering graphics to make pretty web graphics on a site?



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